Case study #1 – Capitol Buys Houses helps homeowner stop foreclosure.

Case study #1 – Capitol Buys Houses helps homeowner avoid losing everything and stop foreclosure.

We received a call from someone who was going to Trustee Sale in a couple of weeks and they were desperate to find an alternative to foreclosure.  Guess what?

Thank goodness they called.  They were able to sell their home to us for cash before it got foreclosed on. They closed 1 week before it was up for auction.  AND, because had enough equity in their property, they were able to walk away with money in their pocket and no foreclosure on their record!!!

If they didn’t call us they would have lost their house and and ended up empty handed.  Instead, they got cash in their pocket!

Selling your home fast and for cash may not be your first choice, but it is better than having a foreclosure on your record and losing everything.   Give us a call.  Let us run the numbers to see what we can do to help you get out of your real estate problem.    Click here to download your free guide to avoiding foreclosure.

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